Due to heightened security concerns in the Philippines, All attendees must wear proper face mask at all times. For the safety of our cosplayers, staff, and of course you!




For ticket reservation, check the "ticketing" tab.

1. Meet and Greet (Free Signing and Selfie)

Free signing and selfie with the guests provided that the attendee purchase the respective guest’s merchandise(s).
Attendees must purchase guest’s (Baobao and Sally - Dorasnow) merchandise from the One Final Dream merchandise booth for the signing and selfie of the respective guest. (No minimum amount required)

*Will be held on stage

Check Featured Guest tab or Program tab for signing schedule.

2. Cosplay photoshoot (Priority During Entrance)
A photoshoot event for local and international cosplayers. There will be 3 cosplayers per session they are the following: 1st  session (Baobao and Sally - Dorasnow): 2nd session (local cosplayers, Batch A): 3rd session (local cosplayers, Batch B) (Check batch on photoshoot schedule at programs):
Duration will be 15 minute introduction,  45 minutes photoshoot and a 15-minute Instax session will be held after. All Instax will be signed
(P200/ Instax for local cosplayers) (P500/ Instax for international cosplayers)
(3 sessions per day = 1 for international cosplayers and 2 for local cosplayers) 
Photoshoot event system:
*1 session will have 3 cosplayers as a set. (The international cosplayer photoshoot session wil be 2 Baobao and Sally Dorasnow) Photographers will queue to take pictures of the guests. After shooting for 1 minute and 30 seconds (depending on line), the photographer will rotate and may choose to line up on another guest or the same guest again.
After the photoshoot session, the attendees may purchase an Instax from the organizers (P200/ Instax for local cosplayers) (P500/ Instax for international cosplayers). Will be signed after. Attendees may take the picture of the Instax themselves.

Instax Rules: 
1 instax with 1 international guest is equal to P500
1 instax with 1 local guest is equal to P200
E.G. : 2 cosplay guest in one instax shot will cost double. (P1,000 for international) (P200 for international) (however the sign is 1 per each guest in the picture)

*No nude or erotic pictures. *Before posting, pictures will be sent to the guests for double checking. Only checked pictures are allowed to be posted. *Wearing a facemask during the photoshoot is upon the discretion of the cosplayer. *This photoshoot event will have a different ticket from the entrance ticket. 

Photoshoot Studio: Attendees (entrance ticket holders) may use the studio on the free use time.

*Check Programs tab for schedule

3. Afternoon Tea Time with a Guest.
1 drink is included with the Tea Time (Frappuccino, Coffee, Juice, tea, etc.). The Attendee(s) may converse, play games (among us), ask for advice (regarding pictures) with the Cosplayer to relax after a long day of partaking the event’s activities. There will be a 15-minute Instax taking event after this. (P500/ pc) (will be signed)

The tea time area will be on the 2nd floor of the café (kindly check "event map" tab for details). Attendee(s) may go to the 2nd floor 15 minutes before the designated time. Instax may be purchased at the end (15 minutes before the end) of the Tea Time Session.

Afternoon Tea Schedule:
16:15 - 17:45- Baobao Afternoon tea session
16:15 - 17:45- Sally- Dorasnow Afternoon tea session

4. Maid Cafe:
Check the page of our partner for their rules!

5. Baggage counter guidelines: 
   1.    Baggage Counter is only for the use of Event Ticket Holders: 
   2.    Rate of P50.00 per deposit of 1 bag.
   3.    As slots are limited, acceptance of baggage will be on first come first serve basis.
   4.    If baggage tags are missing, proof of ownership and a fine of P100 is required. 
   5.    Once the bag has been retrieved, if the owner wishes to deposit again,                        a P50.00 fee is required. 
   6.    The baggage counter is open from 11:00- 18:00. 
   7.    The event holds the right to keep the bags if the bags haven’t been retrieved by              18:00. In this case, the event will no longer be held responsible for missing or                lost items inside the bags or the bags itself. 
   8.    The baggage counter will not be held liable for the loss of the following items:                electronic devices, jewelry, cash, wallet, and other similar valuables.

6. Gift Giving Guidelines:

All gift must be checked by the staff first before forwarding them to the guest. Gifts should be given only during the signing session or afternoon tea session. If this is not possible kindly ask a staff to forward it to the guest. All gifts must be portable.